iMatJet® –  ready to be produced

Of course, many questions arise with a new product. In this section we try to summarize what concerns some people.


FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Delivery date - When will the iMatJet® be delivered?

I would like to order an iMatJet®. When can I expect delivery?

Due to the high demand, the delivery time is 6-8 weeks. We aim to have an inventory from May / June 2020.

General - How much weight does the iMatJet® tolerate?

Honestly, I’m not built for speed and well – how much weight does the iMatJet® tolerate?

You will receive detailed operating instructions with all sorts of specifications. There, the recommended weight is 100kg. But – honestly, it holds a much higher weight.
We also tested it with 180kg which was feasible without any issues.

General - Can I get an iMatJet® for free?

I am a press representative / blogger / influencer. Can I get an iMatJet® for free?

If you are a good fit with our product and have an above average number of followers, feel free to contact us at

General - Spare parts

Is it possible to reorder individual components / spare parts?

Of course, every delivery comes with a spare parts price list.

Technical - Charging time

How long do the batteries need to be recharged?

You can easily recharge it overnight in 5–6 hours.

Rending out - Remote control on different channels?

If I want to buy several iMatJets to rent them out: do the remote controls run on different channels, so each remote control is independent?

Yes, that’s an important point! The remote controls are programmed on 99 different channels. You can reprogram the number of channels to many more channels.

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Timeline and milestones

EU-wide Shipping

1. June 2020


17. February 2020

Continous stress tests

1. February 2020

in the purpose-built saltwater aquarium

Series release of prototype

27. October 2019

Tests and Trials

1. December 2018

of the first types at the local indoor pool

Detail constructions 2D/3D

1. January 2018

Patent application

1. December 2017

First prototype testings at the lake

1. November 2017

in Winter at temperatures of 5° Celsius / 41° Fahrenheit

Testing with miniature models

1. October 2017


1. July 2017

For People with Business Sense

With rental income, you have paid off the purchase price of an iMatJet® in less than a month – a fantastic ROI (return of investment).

For people who want to rent out the iMatJet®, we have a special offer that includes e.g. additional batteries.

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